Best-Invest platform is based on two ends; a lender and a borrower.


  1. We disburse loans to borrowers in form of motorbikes at zero interest.
  2. SIMBA Best-Invest gives the lender the opportunity to loan any amount to help a rider own a motorbike, priced $1,000.
  3. Lenders can either assume the risk of the loans and engage in a profit-sharing business model or make a one-time donation.
  4. SIMBA Best-Invest purchases the motorcycle and makes it available for the borrowers within their communities.
  5. Borrowers repay their lease SIMBA best invest at zero interest.
  6. The rider then enjoys FULL OWNERSHIP over his motorcycle.
  7. SIMBA Best-Invest returns the repayments to the lender.
  8. The lender has the option of choosing between donating a motorcycle (no repayments of loan) or to extend this donation to more borrowers and increase the economic effect of the loan/contribution!


Best-Invest platform makes borrowing very convenient and simple:

  1. Apply by filling out a simple application form.
  2. Join our community by getting a loan in form of a Piki Piki (motorcycle) with ZERO DEPOSIT and ZERO INTEREST.
  3. Invite your family and friends to guarantee you and prove your credit-worthiness.
  4. Repay your Piki Piki at ease! You have one year to grow your business and repay the loan.
  5. The rider is the KING!.